Workshop 2: National Socialism and Transgenerational Trauma/


Personal and Collective Trauma Consequences of the Holocaust and Other Nazi Crimes with Dr.  Karl-Heinz Rauscher

This workshop provides insights into the personal and collective trauma consequences of the Holocaust and other Nazi crimes in today’s Germany and elsewhere.

Through epigenetic mechanisms, feelings such as anger, aggression, fear and blocked grief have been unconsciously transmitted over generations. They manifest themselves in physical and mental illness and, socially, in the strengthening of right-wing extremism.

Most of the traumas of the Nazi era were not psychologically dealt with. This is why we still live in a traumatized society in which the traumas of the past threaten to repeat themselves.

In ths workshop, Dr. Karl-Heinz Rauscher will work with system constellations on personal and collective levels and demonstrate how healing and trauma prevention is possible with modern methods of trauma therapy.