Patron Muhterem Arras

Muhterem Aras (Landtag BW)
(Foto: Landtag Baden-Württemberg / Jan Potente)

Philippe Mora / Director

Director Philippe / Director of       “Three Days in Auschwitz” and “Snide and Prejudice”

Sbastian Heinzel / Drector

Sebastian Heinzel / Director of     “Der Krieg in mir”

Chris Kraus / Director

Chris Kraus / Director of The Bloom of Yesterday

Lukas Stepank / Director

Lukas Stepanik / Director of Gebürtig

Elkan Spiller / Director

Elkan Spiller / Director of L´Chaim – to life!

Astrid Schult / Director

Astrid Schult / Director of Winterhunt

Dr. Karl Heinz Rauscher

Dr. Karl Heinz Rauscher / Workshop: National Sozialism and Transgenerational Trauma

Cassis B Staud

Filmtalk with Philippe Mora

Shelly Kupferberg / Journalis

Host of the Opening Ceremony Festival politischer Film #1

Andre Jacomet / Trauma researcher and therapist

Project support for THE WAR IN ME