Workshop 1 – #uploading_holocaust #we_are_all_earthlings/


with: Katharina Bellena

#uploading_holocaust is the first documentary film, 100 percent made from YouTube material: Every year thousands of young Israelis go on a special class trip: The “Journey to Poland” takes them to former concentration camps and memorial sites.

They record their experiences in YouTube videos and thus enable a moving look at the history of the Jews in Europe.

This documentary asks questions about history. We ask questions to young people from Berlin. And film. Individually, subjectively, personally, independent video clips are created.

Our film team is there. Interviews. Stories. Pictures. Associations. Questions. Attitudes. Opinions.

Here. Now.

How is remembering going today? Holocaust? Does Shoah have anything to do with me? Fascism? Yesterday’s snow? Fear of tomorrow?

We film with you. We film you. We set ourselves in motion.

Katharina Bellena is an actress and filmmaker. She teaches acting at the Filmschauspielschule Berlin and at the Theatertreffen der Jugend.